Inventions of the 21st Century

If you take a good look at the world today, you will be amazed to note that nearly everything you see is the result of the work of some of the greatest minds ever to live on earth. Events that used to take hours to do now take no more than minutes to complete and this is because processes have now become infinitely more efficient due to the presence of machines. With the inventions that you have today, there is less waste in every sense. Less time is wasted, less resources are wasted, and greater efficiency is achieved. With that in mind, take a look at some of the best inventions of the 21st century that are poised to once again change the very way people live and go about their days.

Hydrogen-powered Vehicles

Most of the cars and vehicles you see on the road have one thing in common – they all burn some type of fossil fuel-derived power. Fossil fuel plays a huge role in people’s lives and it is easy to see why people get so distraught over supply and demand and fuel prices. Wars have been fought over fuel yet the arrival of hydrogen-powered vehicles may change all that and wean people from their dependence on gasoline-powered cars and free them from fossil fuel slavery.



There was a time when functional robots were just figments of the imagination but that is not so. Today, technology has progressed to a point that people can enjoy the benefits of robotics in their everyday lives. From robot pets to robot vacuum cleaners and even robotic limbs these inventions are going to change the way people live for sure. This is very promising especially in the military field because pretty soon, soldiers will no longer need to be sacrificed in the front lines.

Artificial Intelligence

This is another recent invention that used to belong only to the imaginations of movie writers. These days, scientists and developers are coming up with some truly stunning artificial intelligence that can learn and think. This is bound to be a very exciting development and will surely fill the dreams of every sci-fi fanatic.


The jury is still out on whether this is something that will become universally accepted as some groups have problems with it. However, ever since the sheep Dolly was cloned the development of cloning technology has been growing and advancing by leaps and bounds.