Prafulla Chandra Ray

Prafulla Chandra Ray

Early Life and Education:

Prafulla Chandra Ray, one of the first Indian chemical researchers, studied at the prestigious Edinburgh University. After graduating from university, he took a position as a Chemistry Professor at the Presidency College in 1889. Berthelot who was a very famous chemist, helped and encouraged him with his admirable research in Ayurveda.

Contributions and Achievements:

In 1902, his research work of History of Hindu Chemistry was published. In 1892, he established Bengal Chemical and Pharmaceutical Works that incredibly flourished under Ray’s management. Ray represented many Indian universities at international seminars and congresses. He got elected as the Indian Science Congress President in 1920.

Prafulla Chandra Ray wanted to use the marvels of science for lifting up the masses. Many of his articles on science got published in renowned journals of his time. Ray was a very passionate and devoted social worker and he participated eagerly and actively in helping out the famine struck people in Bengal in 1922. He promoted the khadi material and also set up many cottage industries. He was a true rationalist and he was completely again the caste system and other irrational social systems etc. He persistently carried on this work of social reformation till he passed away.