Awesome Inventions You Haven’t Heard About

Each year, scientists and even just hobbyists or science aficionados come up with new inventions to meet different needs and purposes. However, you won’t always hear of these inventions since not all of them make it to the mainstream market. Read on to learn a bit more about some awesome inventions you may not have heard about yet:

Pencil pusher

 Pencil pusher – A nifty device which can make use of old paper to come up with new pencil, the pencil pusher is a recycling solution which can help reduce wasted paper and the need to cut trees down for actual pencil production. This was a 2010 finalist of the Lite-On Awards.

•  PrePeat – Imagine being able to use the same sheet of “paper” over and over for your printing needs. “Gyricon” is the thin sheet of “paper” which is actually plastic which is fed to the PrePeat printer which would then send voltages to the surface of the plastic to change its color. The printout will remain until it goes through the printer again.

•  Samarai micro-drone – Lockheed Martin invented the Samarai micro-drone, a kind of nano air vehicle which can be remote controlled and used by the military. It has only a 12-inch wingspan and is reminiscent of a maple seed—the main different being that it has a jet engine to set it to flight.


•  The BIOME – Mercedes Benz has their BIOME concept car which grows from an organic environment. When out on the road, the car will only emit oxygen and when it is no longer used, it can be composted or even used as a building material.

•  Transcranial pulse ultrasound helmets – Although you may be psyched at the thought of mind control for the military, the transcranial pulse ultrasound helmets deliver the high-frequency sound waves to different targeted regions of the brain. This may help affect the alertness of the soldier wearing it, or may even be used to help alleviate stress or pain.

•  The Bodyguard – If you are a fan of the Batman movies, the Bodyguard is basically kind of what Batman wears. It has its own built in stun gun, flashlight, and even a cameraphone charger. It is armored with Kevlar and plastic, and it is seen as a potentially powerful tool which policemen can use for keeping the peace.

These products are yet to hit the main market, but with the potential they show for addressing unique needs on these changing times, who knows—after a little more time, they can be yours!