What is the Multiverse Theory?

In the world of physics, there are many theories and ideas floating around about the world and the universe we live in. Among the many theories floating around that usually gets a lot of discussion and attention is the multiverse or the meta-universe theory. For folks that have an interest in physics and the possibilities of worlds other than the one we have now, this is one theory that bears pondering.

What Is It?

What is the Multiverse Theory?

The multiverse theory is what experts call the hypothetical set of finite or infinite possible universes, counting the historical universe that people regularly experience. These finite or infinite possible universes compromise everything that exists and everything that can come into existence such as:

•  Space

•  Energy

•  Time

•  Matter

It also takes into account the constants and the physical laws that describe those mentioned previously. These universes contained within the multiverse are what people sometimes call “parallel universes.”

What are These Parallel Universes?

These parallel universes, also called “braneworlds” by some, hover just beyond your reach. According to experts from top colleges like Princeton University and the Perimeter Institute for Theoretical Physics in Canada, this idea stems from the possibility that there are so many more dimensions to the world than just those of the space and time that people know of. In addition to the 3-dimensional “brane” that people live in and experience, there are other 3-dimensional branes that exist in a higher dimension of space.

Brian Greene, a physicist from Columbia University, states that the notion of the universe as one of just numerous other universes floating around in a space is much like imagining a slice of bread that is floating in a cosmic loaf. Another wrinkle to the theory is that some experts say these brane universes aren’t parallel at all but they sometimes slam into each other and cause Big Bangs that reset colliding universes again and again.

The idea of different worlds and dimensions floating around might seem hokey to some and as of yet, the multiverse theory is just that, a theory. However, it isn’t just some random idea that people came up with because it has some solid physics to back it up. Another interesting idea to ponder is that there are numerous ways to get a multiverse. There are tons of other physics theories that point to the fact that there are multiple universes out there, and some experts believe that chances are high that hidden universes actually exist.