Unexplained Natural Phenomenon

Despite the efforts of scientists, there are still some unexplained natural phenomenon that can captivate or sometimes scare the people who see or experience them. While science is powerful and has been the source of many different enlightening answers, here are some of the unexplained natural phenomenon which can boggle your mind:

Taos hum

•  Taos hum – Some residents as well as visitors in the city of Taos in New Mexico hear a faint humming or whirring sound from the surrounding desert air. Only 2% of the population can hear it, and to this day, the origin of the sound is still unknown.

Toads in coal

•  Toads in coal – There have been over 90 recorded cases of some amphibians being found alive inside stone geodes or coal pockets. The frogs have something in common—they are surrounded by mucus, and have turned pale or white in color. They also usually die within 24-2 hours if not quickly returned to a pond or body of water.

•  Will O’ the Wisps – Something recently featured in one animation, will O’ the wisps are also known as marsh lights and appear as bright orbs of lights which are also sometimes called as faeri fires or pixy lights.

•  Déjà vu – A French phrase which translates to “already seen,” déjà vu is something that happens to a lot of people wherethey feel as if they have already been in the same set of circumstance before. Some even attribute this as something which is related to the person’s past life, and that these occurrences may be glimpses of who he was before.

•  Animal migrations – While the weather and feeding as well as breeding patterns may come into play when it comes to animal migrations, there is still a sense of wonder at how these animals can travel the same distances for different generations—following the same route! Take for example how turtles birth at the same shores they were born in, or how monarch butterflies gather as a very large group to reproduce their next generation! What’s amazing is how despite the more simple mental functions they have, they still find their way.

Scientists have tried to explain the scientific principles behind these seemingly unexplainable natural phenomena, but so far, none of the explanations seem to completely explain how these things happen. While there are theories and possible as well as attractive explanations just to settle them, there is still that lack of conclusive evidence to completely believe these explanations.