Top Medical Breakthroughs that Will Change the Face of Modern Medicine

With the developments being made in technology there also come changes in the medical field and there are breakthrough being made every day. These medical advances will help doctors diagnose illnesses faster and more accurately than ever before. Below, you will find some examples of medical breakthroughs that can change your life.

  • 1. Delivering Speedy DNA based Diagnoses for Newborn

For critically-ill newborns, time is of the essence and many newborns that are admitted to neonatal intensive care units are usually suffering from genetic anomalies and diseases that are inherited from their parents. By delivering the results of DNA based testing in a speedier manner, doctors can quickly interpret the newborns genome so they can find out which diseased the newborn has. It used to take quite a lot of time but with the latest advances in technology, the results can usually be delivered in just 50 hours.

  • 2. Chances to Reverse Autism

There are some researchers who claim that the Early Start Denver Model which is aimed at kids that are afflicted with autism can actually help reverse this condition. They say that it actually can make some headway into normalizing the way their brains function. The kids involved in their program (lasted two years) have started to show brain activity patterns that are similar to those of kids that do not autism. It has very promising success rates and the EDSM program works best when introduced to kids early in the development stage with the supervision of toddlers and introduced several hours per week.

  • 3. Body Parts Grown in Labs

Finding body parts for transplants is quite difficult and there are some that are near impossible to obtain which means more deaths. Now, there is technology that can be used to help regenerate organs and body parts and they are made from the stem cells that originate from the patient so the chances of rejection are lessened. This is a technique that’s marks a great point in the future of regenerative medicine and with this technique, people will no longer have to worry about not having organs when they need it.

There are many more medical advantages that mark a great turning point in the future of medicine and while most of them are still in the early testing stages, there are some that are slowly being used in hospitals all over the world which is good news for patients.