8 Craziest Japanese Inventions of All Time

Japan is a country that is usually foremost on technological developments and they have come up with some really cutting edge inventions such as robotics, the first still video camera, the compact disc player, and the electric rice cooker, just to name a few. However, despite their many wonderful inventions that has changed the world, they also have the occasional misses that just makes the world scratch their heads in confusion. Check out some of their craziest inventions below.

The full-body umbrella

The full-body umbrella

Umbrellas really do a good job of keeping your head dry but it does allow the rest of the body to get wet. The Japanese however, have conquered that and came up with the full body umbrella. It looks just like a regular umbrella but is surrounded by a water-proof curtain.

Easy Ear-explorer

Easy ear-explorer

Do you ever wonder what the insides of your ears look like? Well, with the easy ear-explorer, you no longer have to wonder since you get direct access to the most inner recesses of your ears. It might look strange but it does have its use: it can make ear-cleaning a breeze.

Subway Chin Rest

Subway chin rest

After a long and hectic day at work, the last thing you want to do is ride a train and nod off as you stand shoulder to shoulder with other commuters. However, Japan has come up with a chin rest that allows you to sleep even as you ride the train while standing up.

Butter Stick

Butter stick

This Japanese invention is so wacky yet useful that you wonder why you have never thought of it before. Think of your tube of Chapstick but instead of lip balm, it contains a stick of butter instead. This means you can butter your toast on the go without the need to pack butter knives!

Umbrella Tie

Umbrella tie

Is it a tie that doubles as an umbrella or is it the other way around? Either way, this is one wacky Japanese invention that will free your hands and make you look somewhat stylish (or strange) at the same time.

Silent Karaoke

Easy ear-explorer

Ever wanted to belt out a tune but too worried about what your neighbors will say? Enter the Silent Karaoke! A device from Japan that looks as strange as its name.

Square Watermelon

Square watermelon

Are oval watermelons too boring for you? Japan has the answer in their square (and expensive!) watermelons! They are forced into square tempered glass containers and cost about $15-20.