5 Strange Ocean Phenomena

A lot of people tend to forget that the Earth’s oceans are vast and deep and despite all the technological advances people have today, there are still so many hidden mysteries of the deep blue sea that have yet to be figured out. Some of the ocean’s mysterious working have already been explained but there are still some ocean phenomena that are yet to be explained. Below are some of the most amazing and most wonderful phenomena that occurs in the Earth’s oceans on a regular basis.

1.  Bioluminescence

When you look at the ocean at night, what do you see? Black waters, perhaps some lights from fishing vessel but what do you do when you see flashes of brilliant blue light? The blue ocean glow might alarm you at first but it really is just a wonderful thing called Bioluminescence which is the light marine creatures produce as a means of self-defense. Chemicals that are found on the sea creatures’ bodies are produced when they counteract with oxygen in the atmosphere and this is where the bioluminescent light comes from.

2.  Baltic and North Seas Convergence

This oceanic wonder has been debated for some years now and is the convergent point of the Baltic and north seas that can be found in Denmark in the province of Skagen. There is a clear mark where the two seas meet because of the different densities of the water. Some people have even said that this phenomenon is mentioned in the holy Koran.

3.  Steaming black sea

A steamy sea seems alarming but the steam arising from the Black sea simply comes from the humidity of the water that counteracts with the wind on the surface. Such a simple explanation but the effect is one that is oddly stunning.

4.  Green flash

When you think of the colors during sunrise and sunset, you may think mellow yellows and bright oranges for the first and brilliant shades of red, orange, and even purple for the latter. So what would you do if you say a flash of green? Some people may claim this green flash during sunrise and sunset is something alien but really, it is just a natural effect that happens due to the prismatic nature of the atmosphere. You see, during sunrise and sunset, the light from the sun gets divided into different colors which look green as a whole.

5.  Anomaly in the Baltic sea

Granted the previous phenomena have all been explained now it is time for an ocean phenomenon that baffles experts up until today and it is the anomaly in the Baltic Sea. This anomaly was discovered completely by accident back in 2011 wherein the divers found a thick circular entity that measured about 60meters thick and at a depth of about 90 meters in the sea. Nobody knows where the entity came from or even what it is for but for sure, it is one of the biggest ocean mysteries discovered during the recent years but it is indeed something that has captured their imaginations.