4 Strange Body Functions

Our body is made up of different systems and is composed of different organs to perform functions necessary for optimum health. Body functions are important that they are being taken care of so that you live longer and happy. With the usual body functions, an alteration on them would mean that you either are sick or you need something to trigger to compensate to the needs of the body. Speaking of usual and normal body functions, did you know that there are strange ones?

How do you tag a body function strange or weird? If you are not a medical person, you would even consider the whole process or functions of the body weird. To give you a hint, here are some of the strange functions of the body.

1.  Tongue

Did you know that a human tongue has something in common with an elephant trunk or with the tentacles of an octopus? Yes, these three are distinctive structure of “muscular hydrostat”, which is a group of muscles that can work even without the help of bones. Your tongue does not contain bones but they can be very flexible and strong. So imagine if your tongue is the same size with an elephant’s trunk, there is no doubt that it can uproot trees as well.

2.  Hair

People really love pitching facts about hair. Some would even say that your hair can still grow even after death. That is definitely a fun myth. After death, your nails and hair never continue growing; instead, the skin retreats during dehydration which leads to the creepy illusion of horrid growth. In reality, hair has a strange combination of living and the dead. We are talking about cells here.

3.  Liver

Liver is considered to be the largest vital organ of the body. It performs major functions and involves lots of systems. Did you know that your liver is like the maintenance of your body? Among the major organs, your liver is the most resilient. Though it does not appear cute and nice, it is the organ that makes you lucky. It can regenerate on its own.

4. Walking Proteins

Of the microscopic matters in your cellular biology, the strangest is probably the kinesin protein. It is considered a “motor” protein responsible to deliver significant molecules to their respective destinations. What makes it weird? It walks with its feet – considered to be the base of its micro-pathway. Literally, it resembles assisting humans in a pathway. It is like in a place where the mode of transportation is just walking.