3D Printing: What this Technology Has Done To the Past and the Future of the 3D Industry

3D printing is brought to life by fusing several layers of materials which are made out of durable metals and plastics based on a particular template. This basis was made possible by the use of a CAD (3D computer aided design) software. Each of these layers is approximately 0.1 mm thick and consists mostly of sheet, powder and liquid materials.

With this kind of technology, along with a 3D printer, anyone can come up with a design and 3D print templates of anything. To give the readers a better picture of what 3D can achieve, here are five of its most popular models:

1.  Camera Lens

Hand-made camera lenses are difficult to design because of the complexity of its design. However, with the emergence of 3D printing, anyone could make their own lenses. Aren’t unique and creative designs more achievable with this?

2.  Fully-functional Gun

In the previous years, 3D-made firearms are easy to break with just a few rounds of firing. Fortunately, the non-profit organization Defense Distributed came up with the downloadable template which users can use anytime. With this important design, gun fanatics can print their own firearms with just a 3D printer in the house.

3.  Figurines From Drawings

Most mothers have wished to acquire an effective method of turning their little ones’ drawings into more profound materials for easy keeping. But turning drawing into sculpture? Isn’t this idea impossible? No. With the use of a 3D printer, any child’s colorful drawing can be turned into a masterpiece- a thing that can last a lifetime.

4.  Medical Models

If technology is to be taken in as a subject, science will always be a part of the conversation. With the emergence of 3D printing, medical professionals will have a better and cheaper alternative to cadavers—their typical tool for learning human anatomy better. 3D medical models have a touch of realism to it because the models can be made to have the exact dimensions of the actual template. Because 3D printing is made accurate, all surgeons nowadays can plan on a complex surgery case with the use of a realistic 3D medical model. This way, the real patients will not go through the real knife for nothing.

5.  iPhone Cases and Card Holders

Unique 3D iPhone cases do not only hold an iPhone, it can also accommodate cards. Today, there is a popular Mondriaan Case which is brought to life through the 3D printer. Its designer has made it in several colors so that buyers can have a wide array of options.