Top 5 Strangest Phobias

A person may feel extreme fear caused by various triggers. When a person has adverse reactions to a fear trigger, this may be the person’s phobia or extreme and irrational fear. Here are 5 of the strangest phobias:

Phobophobia – Phobia is having extreme fear of something. Then there’s phobophobia which the fear of having a phobia or something to fear. Compared to the other kinds of phobia which are caused by stimuli, there are no fear triggers in the observable environment which may trigger this, but a person has this psychological state where he or she fears having a fear so much that this phobia has developed.

Hexakosioihexekontahexaphobia – This is the fear of the number 666. There’s Friday the 13th for which another phobia called araskavedekatriaphobia, but fearing the number 666 is more terrifying to some not just because of “bad luck” but because of the devilish roots of this number. In the Bible, the book of Revelation has associated this number to the devil.

Pteronophobia – The fear of being tickled with feathers. Feathers are usually very soft and are generally harmless. But being extensively tickled using feathers especially during childhood or infancy may lead to negative associations with the experience such as feeling trapped or having difficulty breathing. This then triggers the phobic reaction to feathers and being tickled by them.

Hylophobia – Is the fear of forests, woodlands, and trees, and even certain wooden materials. The fear is most probably caused by a negative experience in the woods which has ingrained itself to the memory of the person, causing this phobia. Also, simply being hit with a piece of wood, or being attacked or lost in the forest can lead to a person’s having hylophobia.

Taphophobia – Is a fear that anyone can actually have and is a somewhat rational fear for any person to have. This is the fear of being buried alive. This happened back in the days when people were incorrectly pronounced as dead and they were mistakenly buried alive! Throughout the course of history, a lot of people were accidentally buried while they were still alive, and this phobia was then born along with the instances.

Phobias are usually caused by an extreme negative experience with a stimuli, or are simply irrational yet extreme fears of something which the sufferer cannot explain. There are a lot of other strange fears out there, but imagine being scared of being scared or being scared with harmless feathers?!


Amazing Oddities of the Human Body

There are more than 6 billion people on this planet and for the most part, everyone is pretty much average with a few special talents here and there. Some might be taller than others, while others may be shorter than normal but every so often, a person is born with some pretty amazing oddity. These people have conditions that make them stand out and while some conditions are more apparent than others, they are all indeed a wonder to behold. Below are some of the more bizarre and amazing human oddities recorded throughout the years.

1.  Wolfman – most men (and some women) have to deal with a little facial hair and it’s is no big deal for the most part. A shave or a wax deals with that beard and gets rid of that mustache. But if you are Julia Pastrana (1834) or just one of the 50 people ever recorded to have suffered from hypertrichosis, hair is a big problem. Hypertrichoses is a condition where hair grows everywhere- even on the face. In the case of Julia Pastrana she grew long luxurious black hair not just on her head, but her whole body and only her palms and the soles of her feet didn’t have hair.

2.  Tree man of Java – there have been stories and movies about the Elephant man but what most people do not know is that in the island of Java, they have Dede Koswara who is known as the Tree man. He developed bark-like growths all over his body which are actually warts. He has a very rare condition called Lewandowsky-lutz dysplasia which is an autosomal recessive skin disorder that also happens to be genetic. It is associated with a high risk of carcinoma. He had a procedure done back on 2008 to remove the bark-like growth on his arms and legs but has since suffered a setback when the old papules and warts started growing again.

3. “Man of the a golden arm” – this isn’t a story about some guy that turns objects into gold because it is about James Morrison a man from the land down under who has a rare antibody in his blood that helps babies with rhesus disease. He has donated about a hundred pints of blood and has saved about 2 million babies to date. His blood is so precious that his life was insured for a cool million dollars the day he started donating when he turned 18. He is now 74 and plans to donate even more blood.