15 Famous Indian Scientists and their Inventions

From C. V. Raman to Salim Ali, the talents of Indian scientists and inventors have been fully established in many different areas, including physics, medicine, mathematics, chemistry and biology. Some of them have also contributed in a substantial way to advanced scientific research in many different regions of the world.

This article will discuss the famous Indian scientists and inventors throughout history and their wonderful contributions.

Prafulla Chandra Ray

Prafulla Chandra Ray

Famous academician and chemist, known for being the founder of Bengal Chemicals & Pharmaceuticals, India’s first pharmaceutical company.

Salim Ali

Salim Ali

Naturalist who helped develop Ornithology; also known as the “birdman of India”.

Srinivasa Ramanujan

Srinivasa Ramanujan

Mathematician known for his brilliant contributions to contributions to mathematical analysis, number theory, infinite series and continued fractions.


C. V. Raman

C. V. Raman

Physicist who won Nobel Prize in 1930 for his Raman Effect.

Homi Jehangir Bhabha

Homi Jehangir Bhabha

Theoretical physicist; best known as the chief architect of the Indian atomic energy program.

Jagadish Chandra Bose

Jagadish Chandra Bose

Physicist, biologist and archaeologist who pioneered the investigation of radio and microwave optics.

Satyendra Nath Bose

satyendra nath bose

Mathematician and physicist; best known for his collaboration with Albert Einstein in formulating a theory related to the gaslike qualities of electromagnetic radiation.

A.P.J. Abdul Kalam

A.P.J. Abdul Kalam

Known for his crucial role in the development of India’s missile and nuclear weapons programs.

Har Gobind Khorana

har gobind khorana

Biochemist who won the Nobel Prize in 1968 for demonstrating how the nucleotides in nucleic acids control the synthesis of proteins.

S.S. Abhyankar

S.S. Abhyankar

Mathematician; famous for his outstanding contributions to algebraic geometry.

Meghnad Saha


Astrophysicist who developed the Saha equation, which explains chemical and physical conditions in stars.

Subrahmanyan Chandrasekhar

Subrahmanyan Chandrasekhar

Astrophysicist won the Nobel Prize in 1983 for his research on the evolutionary stages of massive stars.

Raj Reddy

Raj Reddy

A.M. Turing Award-winning computer scientist, best known for his work related to large scale artificial intelligence systems.

Birbal Sahni

Birbal Sahni

Paleobotanist known for his research on the fossils of the Indian subcontinent.

Prasanta Chandra Mahalanobis

Prasanta Chandra Mahalanobis

Statistician and physicist who founded the Indian Statistical Institute.



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    ARYABHATT (476 CE)
    He is a Mathematician and master of Astronomy born in 476 CE in Kusumpur (Bihar), Aryabhatt’s intellectual brilliance remapped the boundaries of mathematics and astronomy. In 499 CE, at the age of 23, he wrote a text on astronomy and an unparallel treatise on mathematics called ‘Aryabhatiyam.’ He formulated the process of calculating the motion of planets and the time of eclipses. Aryabhatt was the first to proclaim that the earth is round, it rotates on its axis, orbits the sun and is suspended in space – 1000 years before Copernicus published his heliocentric theory. He is also acknowledged for calculating p (Pi) to four decimal places: 3.1416 and the sine table in trigonometry. Centuries later, in 825 CE, the Arab mathematician, Mohammed Ibna Musa credited the value of Pi to the Indians, ‘This value has been given by the Indians.’ And above all, his most spectacular contribution was the concept of zero without which modern computer technology would have been non-existent. Aryabhatt was a colossus in the field of mathematics.

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