Why Does Your Skin Turn Wrinkly?

Aging is a natural occurrence and is something that cannot be kept from happening. Although this holds to be true, a lot of people continue to be bothered by the effects of aging, most especially the physical ones. There are also instances when the visible signs of aging appear earlier than expected and for several reasons.

What could be the most prominent visible sign of aging is the appearance of wrinkles. Wrinkles are folds and creases that develop on your skin, often appearing on the face, around the neck, at the back of the hands, and on top of the forearms.

Why Does Your Skin Turn Wrinkly?

What causes wrinkles? Here are a few of them:

•  Smoking lets in a number of toxins into your system which causes the skin to dry up and wrinkle, often prematurely.

•  People with light skin are prone to a lot more damage on their skin due to the sun’s rays which is another cause of wrinkling.

•  Genetics could also play a big role in the way your skin develops. Some families simply have smoother skin than others, regardless of age.

•  Facial expressions also have a lot to do with the development of wrinkles. It is expected for those who frown a lot to have wrinkles develop early around their forehead. You could probably guess why the lines around the eyes are called “laugh lines”.

Basically, anything that causes your skin to dry up can cause wrinkles. These can be brought about by factors from the external environment such as the quality of air and the amount of sun you are exposed to. Internal factors such as the amount of nutrients distributed around the body and the amount of toxins that your body is exposed to also have great effects on the skin.

Although there are several products that promise to reduce the occurrence of wrinkles, it is always best to do things the natural way. A healthy diet could help delay this visible sign of aging. This would give you the nutrients that your body needs to stock up on collagen and elastin, the substances in your body that cause your skin to remain elastic, firm and smooth. Try to lessen your exposure to sunlight especially if you have very light skin. Always wear sunglasses and hats to shield your face and wear long sleeves when the sun is exceptionally hot. Stock up on vitamins as these are great in keeping your skin young and healthy.