Silly Diets and Food Science

Society is obsessed with fitness and appearances. Thin is in and fat is viewed as something to be despised and ridiculed. In the quest to lose fat (not necessarily to be healthy), people have come up with the most absurd diets ever. This is not to say that diets do not work but there are some diets so extreme and so ridiculous that it is enough to make you wonder why people think they will even work in the first place. Take a look at some of the most absurd diets out there.

Silly Diets and Food Science

Lose weight, do not eat!

This diet will not only help you shed fat but it will also help you shed hair, lose muscle, and stop world hunger at the same time. The premise of this diet is that you do not eat; because apparently the human body is like a plant and can get nourishment from the sun and from the air that you breathe. You might not believe this but there are actually people that tried this diet and surprisingly they lived to tell their story.


This diet is a bit nutty but the main idea is that it relates to six different hormones in the body and fat accumulation in different parts of the body. In a word, this diet pertains to site-specific fat loss by way of hormone balancing. People on this diet only eat certain kinds of foods and uses supplements and a training program. What makes this diet so absurd is that it relies too much on supplements and uses pseudoscience as justification for its methods. The only reason people lose weight on this diet is that it limits food intake and involves exercise.


This is not to say that the gluten-free diet is necessarily bad since it is quite crucial to people that suffer from gluten sensitivity and celiac disease. Most people lose weight on this since they cut back on food with carbs but the bad part is many more gain weight since they believe then can gorge on gluten-free food like sausages and the like. Take note: gluten-free does not mean calorie-free and to lose weight you need to cut back on the calories or burn more than you take in.

If you really want to lose weight, the best thing to do is watch what you eat and exercise so you burn more fat than you take in. That is the long and short of it and something that these diets tend to miss. There is simply no short cut to losing weight; you have to work hard for it.