Pros and Cons of Fabric in a Can

What would you do if someone were to come up with you and spray clothing on you? That sentence may not make sense at first because who has ever heard of spray on clothing anyway? Well, you have heard of spray on clothing and you will learn more about it now.

It may sound like something straight out of a sci-fi film but it is very real and you have Spanish fashion designer Manel Torres to credit for its existence as he is the brains behind the first very spray-on clothing in the world. This clothing can be sprayed directly on the body and may be worn and washed just like regular clothes. What is even more amazing is that Manel Torres came up with this idea 13 years ago while he was taking his MA for Women’s Wear. Of course, he didn’t do it alone because he had some help from scientist from the London Imperial College and after years of research, they came up with a spray that turns into fabric which can be worn over and over again once it comes in contact with human skin.

As you can imagine, this technology is quite revolutionary but just like everything else, it has certain pros and cons. Below you will find some of them discussed so you can come to your own conclusion as to what the future is for this invention.

Spray in clothing pros

•  This clothing may be sprayed directly on the body which means users get a custom fit every time, all the time.

•  This may just change the way clothes are made since the actual process of creating regular process takes some time since there is a need for weaving the fabric, dying, and tailoring it to its final incarnation.

•  It doesn’t at all look like spray paint and its texture can vary based in the fibers used in the spray (linen, acrylic, wool, spandex, etc.) so you can actually get many types of spray on clothing.

•  It feels cold when first sprayed on the body but it hardens in a jiffy and before you know it, you have a brand new pair of pants or a new shirt that came from a can.

•  It is made in such a way that it doesn’t stick to hair. Some people have expressed a concern that spraying the clothes directly on the body means it will stick to more hirsute men but as Torres demonstrated in his presentation TEDx Talks, hair doesn’t stick to the spray on clothes.

•  The spray on clothe scan be removed and washed repeatedly just like regular clothes.

The cons of spray on clothing

•  Since spraying on the clothes means they will take the shape of your body, this may be harder on people who have lumps and bulges they wish to conceal with their clothes.

•  Though it has been in existence for close to 14 years, it is not yet commercially available. However, Torres has teamed with other experts to look for a more viable way of producing these clothes in a can so they can one day become an alternative to regular clothing.