Most Bizarre Things Discovered in Space

The universe is still full of mystery. But in the past few years of exploration in outer space, there have been bizarre discoveries which have sparked renewed interest in scientists to keep their eyes open and eager to find out more. Here are some of the most bizarre things discovered in space:

Cold star – Most people know that stars are usually of hot temperatures. Just five months after being able to discover a star which was just a few degrees hotter than your normal coffee, scientists discovered WISE 1828+2650 which has about 80 degrees Fahrenheit for its normal temperature!

Diamond planet – Yes, a planet made of diamond. PSR J1719-1438 b is not like most planets made of gas or molten lava as it has a diamond core. It came from a binary star which had to supernova, and this resulted in a pulsating dwarf star or a pulsar. It was able to retain its core made entirely of carbon. Since carbon is the base of having diamonds, the interior of the star hardened under the conditions in space and turned its core into one big diamond.

Giant rain cloud – Whoever said space was just full of nothingness? This is obviously wrong as it has quite a ton of matter in it. Scientists have discovered a great pool of water—more specifically, a rain cloud floating out in space. Think of it as a hundred thousand times bigger than the Pacific Ocean. This giant rain cloud is the largest collection of water in the whole observable universe.

A star bigger than the sun – This star is 1,500 times bigger to scale. It may be hard to grasp, but think of it this way—the sun is 109 times bigger than the earth, and when combined, the members of our solar system would make up only 1% since 99% of the total mass would be the sun. VY Canis Majoris happens to be much bigger than the sun, with a diameter of 1.7 billion miles!

Shooting star – You might not think of this as weird since you can see this occurrence during meteor showers, but these meteorites or shooting stars “shoot” when they are pulled into the earth’s atmosphere. Mira is one of the red giants out in space, and it is nearing the end of its life. It goes through space at 291,000 miles per hour, literally shooting through space and leaving behind light-years worth of a shooting star tail.