Geeky Chefs and Their Amazing Kitchen Discoveries in the Kitchen

For a lot of people food is something to be scarfed down between breaks in classes and working hours. Some people look at cooking as an art but if you really ask the experts they will tell you that the art of cooking all boils down to science. Getting that perfect soufflé and that wonderful crust on your steak is a science and below are some geeky chefs that perform amazing scientific feats of science in their kitchens.

Heston Blumenthal

If you watch a lot of cooking shows on TV or if you have entered the Fat Fuck Restaurant before then you most certainly know who Heston Blumenthal is. He is an amazing chef that likes to use science in preparing scrumptious dishes that will tickle your palate and forever stick in your mind. Heston Blumenthal is famous for popularizing “molecular gastronomy”. It is a cooking technique where in different temperatures are used to cook food to bring about the best and most surprising results.

Grant Achatz (Atlinea)

He is the chef at the Atlinea in Chicago and is the guy behind the elBulli menu. Sure, they offer you some truly amazing fare at that place but what really blows the mind is there wonderful and totally out-there helium balloon desert.

Normally, you would have a heart attack if you were told to devour a helium balloon after a meal at a fine dining restaurant but this helium balloon is unlike anything you have ever seen before. The string is made from dehydrated apple so you can eat and the balloon itself is made out of green apples and sugar so you know that it tastes good.

The chef recommends you pop the balloon with your tongue and suck out the helium before you enjoy the remains of your dessert.

Adam Melonas (Burj al-Arab)

This is a case of another chef that made use of molecular gastronomy to come up with a signature dish that is just out of this world. It is an “octopop” and is made up of octopus that has been dehydrated for several hours and glued back together with enzymes. It look pretty innocent enough at first but take a closer look and you will see that is indeed a roast octopus on a stick that you can enjoy after a delicious and highly expensive meal at one of the best hotels in the world.