Famous Scientists

Five Strangest Experiments

Author: Heather Brown

The phrase “mad scientist” came to life not without good reason. Scientists are often know to think out of the box, but sometimes they just really go beyond what is normal and imaginable!

1.  “Would you go to bed with me tonight?” - In 1978, psychologist Russel Clark with the help of his students conducted an experiment to see which gender would be more willing to receive sex from a stranger of the opposite gender. “I have been noticing you around campus. I find you to be attractive. Would you go to bed with me tonight?” was the question asked, and 75% of guys accepted, while not a single woman did.

2.  Hanging studies - In 1905, Nicolas Minovicis, a forensic scientist was able to persuade an assistant along with other willing participants to be hanged for 12 times to see what would happen to the human body when a person is hanged. While fully aware of the dangers, he had the participants hanged up to two from the ground!

3.  Human corpse electrification – Mary Shelley, author of Frankenstein may have gotten her inspiration from the 1780’s experiement where Luigi Galvani electrocuted human corpses. The experiement first made use of animal specimen, but became more and more bizarre until a human corpse was used. The most noted demonstration was on January 17, 1803 when a 120-volt battery was used to electrocute the executed murderer named George Foster. This also brought to life researches on trying to revive dead bodies with electricity since corpses seemed to show signs of life and movement while they were being electrocuted.

4.  Stanford Prison Experiment – Philip Zimbardo had a group of students play prisoners and guards in a mock setup in order to see why prisons have become such violent places. Results were observed fast an on the first night, the prisoners had a revolt while the guards felt threatened and exercised hard control of their power. The prisoners had negative experiences while the guards enjoyed this power they had. After just 6 days and even having thought of going to the real police for help, the experiment was cancelled because of the adverse effects observed.

5.  The Obedience Experiment - Stanley Milgram’s obedience experiement was conducted at Yale University where the main premise was to test whether the participant of the experiment would acquiesce to the researcher’s demand—even if it meant having to kill the subject. The subject was just an actor being “subjected” to electrocution and a shockingly disturbing obedience of raising the voltage higher was noted even when the subject was already “dead.”

Theories about Black Holes in Space

Author: Heather Brown

If there is one thing science fiction writers like aside from aliens and global destruction, it has to be black holes. These outer space mysteries have captured the imaginations of people and scientists for ages so much so that that dozens of theories have been formed about them and some extensive research has been done to figure out what they are and what secrets they hide. Some of the theories that have popped up are entirely possible while some are so crazy that they might just be true. Others are just so out of this world they might as well be some from some alien universe themselves.

Some people believe that entering black holes is a lot like entering a never-ending black hole that doesn’t really lead anywhere but will crush you to death. This theory, like every other theory, could work because no one has really ever entered a black hole to say otherwise but there were certain problems with the theory such as the fact that physics could not explain why anyone would be crushed to death.

Some theories like the newest one proposed by quantum physicist’s from Louisiana and Uruguay have crunched some numbers  and have come up with a theory that black holes do not crush people and anything that goes inside them because they just do not work like that. According to their theory, black holes are more like portals to other universes. It may sound like something from a sci-fi book or novel and will certainly excite science fiction fans. They have even come up with an explanation of what it would feel like to fall down (through?) a black hole. They said that upon nearing the very bottom of singularity, you would not be crushed into a single point but rather gravity would decrease and you would fall through the bottom of the black hole.

Another famous theory about black holes is the one proposed by no other than the famous Albert Einstein. It was called the theory of general relativity which states that gravity does affect the behavior or light and the same can be applied to black holes. It was later on developed and improved by other notable names in the phsyics and science community who just cannot get enough of these black holes in space.

Up to know, there are still theories being thrown around about black holes but as technology advances, perhaps one day people will actually know what they are and what it is they do.

Pros and Cons of Fabric in a Can

Author: Heather Brown

What would you do if someone were to come up with you and spray clothing on you? That sentence may not make sense at first because who has ever heard of spray on clothing anyway? Well, you have heard of spray on clothing and you will learn more about it now.

It may sound like something straight out of a sci-fi film but it is very real and you have Spanish fashion designer Manel Torres to credit for its existence as he is the brains behind the first very spray-on clothing in the world. This clothing can be sprayed directly on the body and may be worn and washed just like regular clothes. What is even more amazing is that Manel Torres came up with this idea 13 years ago while he was taking his MA for Women’s Wear. Of course, he didn’t do it alone because he had some help from scientist from the London Imperial College and after years of research, they came up with a spray that turns into fabric which can be worn over and over again once it comes in contact with human skin.

As you can imagine, this technology is quite revolutionary but just like everything else, it has certain pros and cons. Below you will find some of them discussed so you can come to your own conclusion as to what the future is for this invention.

Spray in clothing pros

•  This clothing may be sprayed directly on the body which means users get a custom fit every time, all the time.

•  This may just change the way clothes are made since the actual process of creating regular process takes some time since there is a need for weaving the fabric, dying, and tailoring it to its final incarnation.

•  It doesn’t at all look like spray paint and its texture can vary based in the fibers used in the spray (linen, acrylic, wool, spandex, etc.) so you can actually get many types of spray on clothing.

•  It feels cold when first sprayed on the body but it hardens in a jiffy and before you know it, you have a brand new pair of pants or a new shirt that came from a can.

•  It is made in such a way that it doesn’t stick to hair. Some people have expressed a concern that spraying the clothes directly on the body means it will stick to more hirsute men but as Torres demonstrated in his presentation TEDx Talks, hair doesn’t stick to the spray on clothes.

•  The spray on clothe scan be removed and washed repeatedly just like regular clothes.

The cons of spray on clothing

•  Since spraying on the clothes means they will take the shape of your body, this may be harder on people who have lumps and bulges they wish to conceal with their clothes.

•  Though it has been in existence for close to 14 years, it is not yet commercially available. However, Torres has teamed with other experts to look for a more viable way of producing these clothes in a can so they can one day become an alternative to regular clothing.

Top Medical Breakthroughs that Will Change the Face of Modern Medicine

Author: Heather Brown

With the developments being made in technology there also come changes in the medical field and there are breakthrough being made every day. These medical advances will help doctors diagnose illnesses faster and more accurately than ever before. Below, you will find some examples of medical breakthroughs that can change your life.

  • 1. Delivering Speedy DNA based Diagnoses for Newborn

For critically-ill newborns, time is of the essence and many newborns that are admitted to neonatal intensive care units are usually suffering from genetic anomalies and diseases that are inherited from their parents. By delivering the results of DNA based testing in a speedier manner, doctors can quickly interpret the newborns genome so they can find out which diseased the newborn has. It used to take quite a lot of time but with the latest advances in technology, the results can usually be delivered in just 50 hours.

  • 2. Chances to Reverse Autism

There are some researchers who claim that the Early Start Denver Model which is aimed at kids that are afflicted with autism can actually help reverse this condition. They say that it actually can make some headway into normalizing the way their brains function. The kids involved in their program (lasted two years) have started to show brain activity patterns that are similar to those of kids that do not autism. It has very promising success rates and the EDSM program works best when introduced to kids early in the development stage with the supervision of toddlers and introduced several hours per week.

  • 3. Body Parts Grown in Labs

Finding body parts for transplants is quite difficult and there are some that are near impossible to obtain which means more deaths. Now, there is technology that can be used to help regenerate organs and body parts and they are made from the stem cells that originate from the patient so the chances of rejection are lessened. This is a technique that’s marks a great point in the future of regenerative medicine and with this technique, people will no longer have to worry about not having organs when they need it.

There are many more medical advantages that mark a great turning point in the future of medicine and while most of them are still in the early testing stages, there are some that are slowly being used in hospitals all over the world which is good news for patients.

Most Bizarre Things Discovered in Space

Author: Heather Brown

The universe is still full of mystery. But in the past few years of exploration in outer space, there have been bizarre discoveries which have sparked renewed interest in scientists to keep their eyes open and eager to find out more. Here are some of the most bizarre things discovered in space:

Cold star – Most people know that stars are usually of hot temperatures. Just five months after being able to discover a star which was just a few degrees hotter than your normal coffee, scientists discovered WISE 1828+2650 which has about 80 degrees Fahrenheit for its normal temperature!

Diamond planet – Yes, a planet made of diamond. PSR J1719-1438 b is not like most planets made of gas or molten lava as it has a diamond core. It came from a binary star which had to supernova, and this resulted in a pulsating dwarf star or a pulsar. It was able to retain its core made entirely of carbon. Since carbon is the base of having diamonds, the interior of the star hardened under the conditions in space and turned its core into one big diamond.

Giant rain cloud – Whoever said space was just full of nothingness? This is obviously wrong as it has quite a ton of matter in it. Scientists have discovered a great pool of water—more specifically, a rain cloud floating out in space. Think of it as a hundred thousand times bigger than the Pacific Ocean. This giant rain cloud is the largest collection of water in the whole observable universe.

A star bigger than the sun – This star is 1,500 times bigger to scale. It may be hard to grasp, but think of it this way—the sun is 109 times bigger than the earth, and when combined, the members of our solar system would make up only 1% since 99% of the total mass would be the sun. VY Canis Majoris happens to be much bigger than the sun, with a diameter of 1.7 billion miles!

Shooting star – You might not think of this as weird since you can see this occurrence during meteor showers, but these meteorites or shooting stars “shoot” when they are pulled into the earth’s atmosphere. Mira is one of the red giants out in space, and it is nearing the end of its life. It goes through space at 291,000 miles per hour, literally shooting through space and leaving behind light-years worth of a shooting star tail.

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