The Gem Corn and Its Origins

What do you think of when someone says the word “corn”? Some of you may think of creamed corn on the cob with steaming hot yellow kernels smothered in butter. Some of you may imagine yellow kernels just waiting to be popped to make delicious and healthy popcorn. Whatever you picture corn to be, it is almost a given that you do not equate corn with rainbows or gems but this is only because you have not yet been dazzled by the opalescent kernels that belong to the Gem corn.

What is this Gem corn, you may ask? Well, it is corn still but what sets it apart is that the kernels come in different colors and they practically look like little precious gems stuck on a cob. Just take a look at the gleam and the shine of those kernels! They are practically begging to be strung up and worn as jewelry!

Indeed, it is easy to think that this is all a hoax because who would believe that something as normal as corn could be so remarkable? Rest assured though, the gem corn does exist and it is all thanks to Carl Barnes.

Who is Carl Barnes?

If you love how the Gem corn looks then you have to Carl Barnes to thank for its creation. He is a part-Cherokee farmer and he is the person responsible for holding on to the seeds of the Gem corn. See, he was a corn farmer and while he was collecting harvest, he realized that some ancestral types of corn were popping up here and there. He collected the seeds and crossed them so he could make sure that their genetic pool was widened and this is how the Gem corn came to be.

There was a time when this type of corn wasn’t often seen but all thanks to Carl Barnes and is one seed preservation organizations, it really does seem like this is one type of corn that is on its way to the top.  If you too would like to plant your own Gem corn, you can order the seeds online although there may be a waiting period since the demand is high and supply is limited for the time being. Also, you best know that while it can be cooked an eaten, it is largely an ornamental corn that is meant to be displayed and marveled at.


5 of the Best Inventions by Da Vinci still Used Today

It can be said that Leonardo Da Vinci was a man who thought well ahead of his time. With his numerous inventions, he had been able to create many firsts. Not just an artist known for his technique called sfumato, Da Vinci designed several contraptions – some of which are still used today!

Ball bearing – Although it does not seem all that impressive, a lot of today’s modern machines make use of Da Vinci’s ball bearing. It allows the smooth movement of drive shafts, factory ramps, and most other mechanical devices that require movement and transition. This invention reduces the friction between two different moving surfaces and helps make machines more efficient.

Parachute – This one is pretty self-explanatory. Simple as it seems, the parachute allows an individual to fall from great heights with a slow momentum—allowing for safe landing. Parachutes increase a falling body’s resistance and since Da Vinci was also interested in human flight, he had come up with the parachute to break the fall of a person.

Machine gun – Though not in the modern sense of being a machine gun, Da Vinci invented the first weapon which can fire volleys at rapid intervals. It is more popularly known as the triple-barreled canon which would have been a deadly weapon for armies in the field. It was a portable, fast, and light weapon with a lot of firepower. The machine had 11 guns which could all be fired at once

Diving gear – Da Vinci had entertained the idea of being able to repel and intercept invading ships. His thought was to send actual men underwater to damage the hulls of the ships! It was far-fetched and tedious to actually carry out, but this thought had inspired the creation of today’s modern diving suits and scuba gear. A practical point from Da Vinci’s creation was how the divers would have to carry a bottle which they can use to urinate in—allowing them to stay underwater for indefinite periods of time!

Revolving bridge – Because he had written how he hated wars battle weapons had been a specialty of Da Vinci and used his inventions to support his household. Da Vinci devised his own way for a quick getaway when things get nasty while surrounded by a body of water. The bridge is made up of lightweight materials and had a rope-and-pulley mechanism which would allow armies to move quickly away from danger.

The above are just some of the many useful inventions that have made Da Vinci one of the most timeless inventors in history!